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To use the tool, you need to follow the following steps.

1. Get java.
You will need to have Java 8 installed on your machine to use the tool. For information how to install Java, visit java.com.

2. Get the tool.
You will need to download the tool itself and copy it to an empty folder of your choice on your machine. You can download the tool here: www.graphdrawing.de/tools/bookembed.jar. Once downloaded, you can run the tool by opening a terminal, navigating to the folder with the tool, and typing "java -jar bookembed.jar". Depending on your system, double-clicking on the jar file may also work.

3. Get the input files.
You will need to download a text file for each input graph. You can use any location you like, but we recommend saving your files in the same directory as the tool.

Input Graphs

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